Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Applications to Management

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НазваниеData Envelopment Analysis and Its Applications to Management
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American Studies

Revolutionary Leaves: The Fiction of Mark Z. Danielewski

Sascha Pöhlmann, 978-1-4438-4146-7

Mark Z. Danielewski is routinely hailed as the most exciting author in contemporary American literature, and he is celebrated by critics and fans alike. Revolutionary Leaves collects essays that have come out of the first academic conference on Danielewski’s fiction that took place in Munich in 2011, which brought together younger and established scholars to discuss his works from a variety of perspectives.

Addressing his major works House of Leaves (2000) and Only Revolutions (2006), the texts are as multifaceted as the novels they analyze, and they incorporate ideas of (post)structuralism, modernism, post- and post-postmodernism, philosophy, Marxism, reader-response criticism, mathematics and physics, politics, media studies, science fiction, gothic horror, poetic theory, history, architecture, mythology, and more.


Nathalie Aghoro, Ridvan Askin, Hanjo Berressem, Aleksandra Bida, Brianne Bilsky, Joe Bray, Alison Gibbons, Julius Greve, Sebastian Huber, Sascha Pöhlmann, and Hans-Peter Söder.

Business, Finance and Economics

Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Applications to Management

Vincent Charles and Mukesh Kumar, 978-1-4438-4132-0

Data envelopment analysis (DEA), a non-parametric technique, has emerged as a popular management tool for measuring the performance of a set of entities, known as decision making units. This book, Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Applications to Management, is a collection of contributions from DEA experts from various countries. It covers a wide range of research papers from the theoretical development of DEA to its applications in various sectors such as economy, banking, education, revenue management, sports, branch networks, cities, and live stock production systems. The book is useful for researchers as well as practitioners who intend to apply DEA to their strategic and managerial decisions.

The Bonds of Trade: Economic Institutions in Pre-modern Northern Europe

Mika Kallioinen, 978-1-4438-4138-2

Pre-modern, long-distance trade was conducted in a highly complex and uncertain environment. Aside from the lack of personal security, trade was characterized by slow communication, asymmetric information, and limited contract enforceability. There was no state, in the modern sense, to protect merchants. Despite these overwhelming problems, trade, and even overseas trade, flourished in medieval and early modern Europe. This book explores this paradox: how could trade thrive and the economy expand under uncertainties of many kinds?

Over the past two or three decades, enormous advances have been made in explaining how institutions support the economy. This book contributes to the intense discussion about institutions and institutional change. It builds on the careful examination of long-distance trade in the Baltic Sea region over a long period of time and presents a new method to identify past institutions. It challenges previous attempts to explain the pre-modern expansion of trade by institutions that governed intra-group relations. Mika Kallioinen argues that the fundamental problem of institutional development was how to create institutions that could advance a regularity of behavior between a large number of distant communities and between merchants who did not necessarily know one another. The question was how to provide security and enhance trust when trading crossed the geographical, cultural, and political boundaries that separated communities. This book extends the limits of our understanding of such inter-community institutions and their implications for later economic development.

Chinese Studies

English in China Today at the Harbin Institute of Technology: Volume II

Martin Wolff, Tian Qiang and Zheng Shuming, 978-1-4438-4152-8


Cultural Studies

Fiction and Faction in the Malay World

Mohamad Rashidi Pakri and Arndt Graf, 978-1-4438-4119-1

This book offers a variety of essays and perspectives on some of the foreigners and traders who came to the Malay World and wrote fiction and “faction” (writing that portrays real people or events in a dramatised manner) during their sojourn – regardless of whether they continued to stay in the region, returned to their home country, or migrated to another country. The essays tend to cross generic and disciplinary boundaries as the contributors of this book are drawn from various fields within the arts and humanities, including history, geography, language and literature and translation. All of them, however, deal with colonial texts, the Malay World, or primarily cover the period from the 18th to the 20th century. Including readings of fiction, diaries, vignettes, letters written by traders or colonial officers, the uniqueness of this book lies in the personal, private and/or informal nature of the various documents studied. The encounters of these ‘outsiders’ with the ‘natives’ not only offer fascinating historical insights into the Malay World, but, to a significant degree, vividly express the views and personalities of the writers themselves, as mediated through their assigned commercial and colonial roles.

Imaginaries Out of Place: Cinema, Transnationalism and Turkey

Gökçen Karanfil and Serkan Şavk, 978-1-4438-4133-7

As the new geographies of mobility and hybridity make the concept of national identity highly problematical, a series of new questions challenge and destabilize our conventional ways of thinking. Where do the migrants “belong”? Are they members of a distant nation, or the natives of the places they live? What kind of changes the sense of “Turkishness” undergo, and what does it mean to various Turkish communities living in various parts of the world? Most important of all, can the new migrant and transnational cinema make nationalism’s abuse of locality and intimacy difficult or impossible? In Imaginaries out of Place: Cinema, Transnationalism and Turkey, the editors put together a series of bold and innovative essays that engage the question of transnational cinema in the context of Turkish national identity. This collection is must reading for those who are interested in transnational and Turkish cinemas as well as those who work questions of migrant cultures, hybrid identities and new forms of belonging.

In and Out of Africa: Exploring Afro-Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian, and Latin-American Connections

Joanna Boampong, 978-1-4438-4111-5

New areas of intellectual endeavours including postcolonial, transatlantic, global, and cultural studies have facilitated conversations that cut across traditional academic boundaries. Indeed, aside from precipitating more stimulating intellectual dialogues, the advent of multi-disciplinarity has also enabled literary and cultural theorists, critics, students, and teachers to connect and to integrate diverse academic disciplines and schools of thought in the pursuit of a common task. Of the many areas that have benefited from this trend, it is perhaps in the realm of Afro-Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian, and Latin American studies that one notices a vibrant conversation that deals with the deep historical, social, economic, and political bonds that have connected and still connect Africa to the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian worlds. As these bonds acquire profound meanings in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, scholars from diverse academic backgrounds find new ways to explore these connections.

It is in the spirit of this endeavour that the creative artists, scholars of cultural and literary theory and critics whose works are presented in this anthology, attempt to examine wide-ranging themes from colonization, slavery, imperialism, religion, music, and literature. Most of the essays in this collection address long-standing issues related to identity construction, linguistic legacies, religious and cultural beliefs and practices. Others confront questions of migration and immigration, configurations of female agency, and Hispanic pedagogy in Africa and elsewhere. What makes this volume unique and interesting is not only the idea of exploring, examining, and thinking the old in new ways and the new in old ways but also, advancing the conversation of the relationship between Africa and the Afro-Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian, and Latin American worlds through different intellectual and artistic prisms.

Strangers in New Homelands: The Social Deconstruction and Reconstruction of “Home” among Immigrants in the Diaspora

Michael Baffoe with Maria Cheung, Lewis Asimeng-Boahene and Buster Ogbuagu, 978-1-4438-4136-8

Strangers in New Homelands is a collection of papers emanating from Annual International Conferences on the Social Reconstruction of the concept of “home” among immigrants in the diaspora.

For many immigrants in the diaspora, the concept of “home”, around which this conference has revolved, evokes confusion, fear, hopes, and aspirations. The presentations in this book therefore seek to throw light on what this concept means for many people who have uprooted themselves from their familiar environments and settled or seek to make new homes out of strange and unfamiliar environments.

The contributors in this publication were drawn from the field of researchers on immigrant and refugee movements and settlements, education, community development and front-line immigrant and refugee settlement workers. They draw on experiences from their research, field practice vignettes, personal experiences and case work examples to highlight and explore the critical issues involved in the field of forced and voluntary migration and resettlement around the world, and the settlement of migrants and refugees in new societies.

Cumulatively, the contributors examine the challenges of settlement, integration and adaptation that new comers face in host societies. The critical approaches and strong balance of research with applications show the implications of the issues for the profession of social work and allied fields. The scholarship presented here also highlights the implications of the issues discussed for further research and social policy development. Anyone interested in learning about the challenges and intricacies of the migration process around the world must read this book. It is highly recommended for politicians, policy makers, social work professionals, educators and organizations dealing with immigrants and refugees.


New Trends in Early Foreign Language Learning: The Age Factor, CLIL and Languages in Contact. Bridging Research and Good Practices

Maria González Davies and Annarita Taronna, 978-1-4438-4147-4

This volume is the result of the presentations and discussions carried out at the Conference on “Early Foreign Language Learning in Educational Contexts. Bridging Good Practices and Research” organized by the University Ramon Lull, the University of Bari and LEND (Lingua e Nuova Didattica) in March 2010.

At the Conference, both teachers and researchers met to examine recent language teaching theories and practices from a transnational and intercultural perspective, on the one hand, and on the other, to fill the gap in the field of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in schools and to pave the way for a wider platform of discussion between School and University. Since these two institutions have often had little contact and, as there is excellent work carried out in both, our attempt was to build more solid bridges across their contexts, engaging school teachers in ongoing research and bringing everyday classroom practice nearer to university theoreticians in an open exchange forum so that the reflection on teaching and learning becomes relevant and rewarding for the participants involved in Early Foreign Language Learning in 21st century contexts.

Drawing on the main topics presented throughout the Conference, this book has been structured around three main thematic areas: 1) the Age Factor, 2) CLIL and Content-based research and practices, and 3) developing intercultural competence: use of the L1 and translation as mediation skills.

Each of these sections encompasses high quality contributions, all informed by salient and recent research, clear and justified theoretical standpoints and good practices which are appealing to an international audience and setting.

The editors sincerely hope that this volume contributes to widen the field of foreign language teaching and learning to include studies on young learners’ perceptions and performance. At the same time, they would like to highlight the decisive new focus on language learning adopted in the 21st century: the inclusion of a wider vision of language acquisition, one that highlights the relevance of using languages not only to communicate but, more relevantly, to mediate between cultures, as a means to bring together the plurilingual and pluricultural citizens of our future.

The English of Tourism

Georgeta Raţă, Ioan Petroman and Cornelia Petroman, 978-1-4438-4128-3

The English of Tourism is a collection of essays on the English specific to the Tourism Industry. The approach is a linguistic one: the different aspects of the English used in the field of tourism (tourism industry, types of tourism, travel agencies, Internet sites of travel agencies, eco-tourism, travel) and in tourism-related fields (accommodation, advertising, entertainment, food services, hospitality, transportation) are analysed from a morphological (combination, derivation), syntactical (nominal phrases, verbal phrases), lexical and lexicographical, semantic (homonymy, semantic fields, synonymy, terminology), pragmatic (academic discourse, idiom, metaphor), etymological (etymon, Latin heritage), and contrastive (Croatian–Romanian, English–Croatian, English–Romanian, French–English, Romanian–English) points of view.

This book will appeal to people employed in industries including hotels, transportation, events, food and beverage, parks and recreation, as well as to professors, researchers, students, and translators from Croatian-, English-, French-, and Romanian-speaking countries, active in their own countries or abroad.

The types of academic readership it will appeal to include: academic teaching staff, researchers and students in the field of tourism, of tourism-related fields – accommodation, advertising, entertainment, food services, hospitality, and transportation – and of languages.

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